About Us

HomebyCaz encompasses a brand of passion and love. The homewares and textiles are hand picked and are natural, raw and rustic. 

HomesbyCaz is a lifelong dream and passion project. Carol has been an interior designer for many years, initially styling her home and sharing pictures to influence others on instagram. Carol then began styling more and more homes, with the dream to one day open her own store. The online store giving others the oppourtunity to purchase handcrafted and ethically sourced homewares and textiles. 

Each item truly one-of-a-kind item. We adore perfectly imperfect pieces that each have their own charm and charisma. We're excited to share these collections with you.

It's an absolute pleasure for us to be able to source and share our  products with you, and we hope they add a little bit of magic to your homes and, more importantly, to your hearts.